What Are The Advantages Of A Power Tower?


If you are planning to do pushups, pull ups, knee raises and dips in your home, you need to buy a top power tower. It is an excellent workout equipment that helps in doing complete body workouts. It targets particular muscle groups like triceps, back, chest and arm muscles. It helps you to achieve a toned form during the exercise duration.

Doing exercises with power tower remains as the best body weight training program. It is highly effective than other traditional bodybuilding activities. A power tower is unique workout equipment. It helps you in performing a wide range of movements. Power towers help you in doing hanging leg raises as well as chin ups that are remarkable for increasing abdominal muscles.

This is a fitness equipment that does not accommodate much space. If you are living in a small house or apartment, then power tower is the right equipment. You can easily continue your workouts as you do in the gym just from your home. You do not have to pay for gym membership or allot special time to visit your gym every day. When you have a useful equipment like power tower in your home, it is comfortable and reliable. You can do exercises whenever you get free time. No matter, it is a weekend or odd timings, you can start to do and make your fit and healthy.

Power tower combines the functionality of pull up station and dip station into a single device.

Body weight exercises aids in burning more calories. It is effective than doing weightlifting exercises on own.

Features of Common Power Tower Power tower has numerous features which you should look while purchasing. You need to research each and every model to get an idea. If you are planning to install this workstation in your gym, you have to purchase the best one that comes with most stations and features. Here listing some common features you can see in most power towers.

Padded hand grips: It comes on all power stations. It helps in protecting your hands. It remains comfortable to use. If it is a metal or hard plastic, the exercisers would feel the strain in their hands. When you do exercises like chin ups or pull ups, there are chances to tear your hand's skin. The padded grips decrease the chances of tearing.

Numerous stations: Power towers come in numerous models. It can be simple with several rings and bells or with the pull-up bar. It may also come with several stations. If the power tower has more stations, then you can do several exercises.

Heavy duty frame: You need to use this equipment to hang. It is important to check whether it can safely and securely hold you. The majority of power towers are manufactured using heavy duty steel. The weight capabilities differ from two hundred and fifty pounds to three hundred and fifty pounds. It depends on the model you are choosing.

Adjustable height: The power tower should have height adjusting feature. It will not be used by the same person. When you can adjust according to your height, you can do the exercises in a comfortable manner.



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