1. Tips On Cleaning The Plumbing In Your Basement

    Mon 06 February 2017
    By Heath

    Though most homes don't have a separate basement, the homeowners with a basement should pay special attention to their plumbing system. Like the plumbing system in kitchen and bathroom, you must maintain the plumbing in the basement so as prevent any emergency plumbing repairs. Peter Stannard plumbing services Perth is an excellent company that offers good customer service and prompt service.

    familyhandyman.com is the right place to get tips on home maintenance using DIY methods. In this article, you can learn some tips on basement plumbing to maintain efficient plumbing system. When installing the plumbing system in your home, you should determine where you want to locate the shutoff valve first. You can keep one or dual main shutoff for your home close to the key water system pipe that can be turned on and off with hand.

    Buffalo box is an extra shutoff that is usually kept at the corner of your home or on the ground close to the street. You can turn them on or off using a long handled key or by hand.

    Other maintenance tips for your basement include the following:

    Examine the water meter during the time when there is no water. Note the reading on the meter and verify it after 8-10 hours. When you observe any changes in the meter, it indicates an undetected water leakage in the basement which you must be rectified.

    Terminate annoying sound of water hammer by fitting shock absorbers that attract vibrations in the water line. You must remember to pump and inspect the septic tanks once in three to five years.

    The floor drains in most basements will eliminate wastewater released from water heaters, air conditioners, washing machines and from other items like vehicles kept in snow. Like cleaning other drains, you should clean and maintain your floor drain on a regular basis and remove the debris and dust.

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