1. Donate Without Leaving A Trace To Your Identity

    Sat 10 September 2016
    By Heath

    Many wish to give away a part of their earning in charity but often are hesitant to do so for fear of being pestered in future for more charity. Donating to some charities and causes feels like you have doomed yourself to an inbox full of newsletters, telemarketers calling at odd times and requests for more donations. Charitable organization's marketing strategies and fundraising schemes may seem overly aggressive playing on your guilt to donate more, but most of them wouldn't survive without contributions. Not all charities are persistent in haunting you for donations, there are those that are really productive and make a difference.

    You could check organizations and their background to evaluate their credibility and privacy policies. Websites like www.dial2donate.org provide information on credible causes and deserving recipients. It also allows one to become registered members and make suggestions on who to donate to and even enables the introduction of other recipients to the list. There are websites that provide reviews on credibility and performance of charitable organizations and help decide on what to opt for. Here you can find organizations that do not sell or disclose your personal information or send email notifications. Here are a few ways you can avoid being bothered by charity causes unless you yourself wish to reach out to them.

    Avoid phone and mailing lists: If you are asked to register on their website look for options that require you to approve of being on their mailing list. Even when they send emails, look for tags "unsubscribe" or "take me off your mailing list" to avoid junk mail and telemarketers. When you ask the charity directly to take you off their mailing list, send along the reply card too so that they can easily identify you to get you off their list. You could ask your Direct Marketing Association that you do not wish to receive unsolicited mail, either from commercial nor charitable organizations. You could also register on the national do not call list. It is illegal for companies to keep calling you if you are on the list and have already asked them not to call you, unfortunately, this does not apply to nonprofit organizations and campaigns.

    Fewer charities: When donating to charity, instead of giving several small amounts of charity, identify a few good and reliable organizations and donate a larger sum at each of these organizations. This will keep your information within these organizations and will focus your donations towards a particular cause rather than getting eaten up in transactions and being ineffective. Reliable and trusted organizations will not give away your personal information even while they are required to keep it themselves.

    Donation apps: These apps help to donate anonymously without being punished with spam. For example, Google’s One Today app that is compatible with both Android and iOS lets you donate anonymously with as much as just one dollar to various nonprofit organizations and causes. There are various other ways to stay an anonymous donor while making donations, like by employing intermediates, religious charities or as a limited liability company.

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