Style up your eyes now with these simple tips on how to apply an eyeliner

Wearing an eyeliner allows you to carve a style statement for yourself. You can experiment with the different patterns and colors. Not to forget, the eyeliners can offer you a fabulous look by reshaping your eye. There are many brands available in the market. However, it is important to choose a quality product. The estee lauder liquid eyeliner review makes it a perfect choice for creating stunning eyeliner looks. The portals of provide several creative styling ideas to get started. Here are a few fabulous ideas for wearing eyeliner that brings out the beauty of your eyes.

Begin with these basics On applying eyeliner, small eyes can look brighter. You can create a smoky, smudged wraparound to give your eyes a bigger look. You can also elongate the look of the eyes by giving it a winged tip. Hold your liquid eyeliner and get started. To brighten your eyes, choose beige-colored eyeliner. Apply it on the inner rim of the eye. Use your index finger to pull the lower eyelid which exposes the inner edge so that you can start using the eyeliner. Make sure to apply it slowly and gently.

You can wear an eyeliner even if you do not have enough practice or a steady hand. All it requires is some creativity. To create your style statement, go in for a bold eye styling using a bright color. It is necessary to choose matte colors to have a lasting impression. To draw the top lash line, use an eyeliner pencil. Start applying from the inner edges then gently move outwards. To sport thick lash lines, draw it twice. For a softer look, create a smudge by using an angled brush. When you cannot draw a straight line, smudging comes in handy.

Creating a stunning look for your eyes The beauty of wearing an eyeliner is not in the creation of a straight line rather it depends on how smooth you make the line. So, you can use the brush to go back and forth to make it smooth. Use short strokes while applying eyeliner. To give your eyes a consistent look, wear eyeshadow in similar colors to your eyeliner. It also gives a brighter appearance. Also, apply mascara to brighten the look further. It is necessary to define the upper inner rim to add more details. Use a black eyeliner to intensify the upper edge. It adds to your natural beauty as well.

For creating a smudged, smoky eye, take an angled brush and a black eyeliner pencil. Draw a line along the upper lash line. Begin from the inner corners then proceed to the outer. To add more details, draw your inner rim with the liner. Connect both the lines at the outermost edge. Now use your brush to smudge the lines and then have a look at the beautiful outcome. For those of you with smaller eyes, provide the focus at outer corners to increase the width of the eyes. Such techniques also add more angles to your eyes. Make sure to give your eyes a fabulous look with these easy tips.




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