Pros And Cons Of Travelling On A Budget Airline

There is a lot of talk among people about the cost cutting budget airlines. Not all that is said is true enough, however most of them are. The basic differences between the budget airlines and the major airlines are not much. You might need Easyjet contact number to get an elaborate description about what services they can offer you. Their contact number can serve you in many ways. You can use them to get necessary details, or better even, complain about something you did not like. If you find something unsatisfying on the flight you can tell them about it. Phone calls are an easy way to send immediate feedbacks.

Every company knows that, therefore they provide a common phone number for their customers or non - customers. This is their way to make their business customer friendly. It matters a lot to a business's success and to what their customers feel about them. When looking at the differences, legroom is an important point. The seat pitch on major airlines is quite good, ranging from 30 inches to 34 inches. Comparatively easy jet has got shorter legroom pace which is around 29 inches. As you go high on to the luxury airlines, the legroom is more spacious. It increases the comfort of the passengers travelling on it.

After the 9/11 attacks many American domestic airlines have stopped serving food. Getting rid of the meal service increases the profit you incur. Providing food means you will need a kitchen too. This needs more space and more people on board to serve them. Therefore it is best to provide a few snack items which passengers could buy and nothing much. The meal service is now limited to the medium to luxury flights. Budget flights have got rid of this business about a decade ago. Some budget airlines that travel long distances have now started serving their passengers with free snacks, however most offer a buy and eat service only.

In flight entertainment also makes a huge difference in the money they charge you. There are many different practises in this field. Some flights do not offer any sort of video entertainment on flight. There are others who have recently started a pay per view service. You pay for what you watch. You need to check about this service on your airline's website. You can also contact them through phone to get your queries answered.

Parents travelling with small children may find it difficult to manage their children without nay entertainment source. Especially if the journey is long, it can be boring. You can bring a book with you for entertainment or your own portable music/ DVD player. There is a difference in the reservation option for the flight as well. They do whatever is possible to lower the cost of your journey. Usually the priority of these flights is to make your travel faster. They pay least attention to other sort of requirements such as food, entertainment or convenience. Therefore you can only expect limited things from your budget airline company.



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